M-Class Podcast

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“I give this podcast five Cowboy Worfs out of five!” – Josh Roberston

A bi-weekly Star Trek watch club where I sit down with my best pal Josh Henderson and an episode of Star Trek hand-picked by our listeners and supporters and give it the once-over with a healthy dose of the optimistic humanism inherent in Trek’s core and a genuinely unhealthy amount of vulgarity, riffing and giggling.

Bros B4 Prose

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“I’ve been waiting 7 years for this and it was well worth the wait.” – @GDepress on Twitter

A bi-weekly prompt-based comedy storytelling podcast where Josh Henderson, Rich Masters and I each create a ridiculous comedy story based on ideas given to us by followers of the show. Think of it as a spiritual successor to both Fantasy Fiction Pod and Original Original Characters. Josh usually does Fantasy, Rich handles Sci-Fi, and I get to spook you right outta your gourd with Horror. It’s full of laughs like you couldn’t believe.

Smile and Nod

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“I love this podcast so much. The concept is amazing to me.” – Rich Masters, unpaid(?)

If you’ve ever listened to an interview podcast and wished they would ask more creatively driven questions about process, hopes and dreams, and the trials and tribulations of being a creative in today’s world but also that the host just had a straight-up conversation with the guest instead of interviewing them, then this is the show for you! It’s a semi-monthly podcast and is available to my patrons first and then released via my Patreon page for any and all listeners at a later date.

Original Original Characters

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“I’m forever haunted by the concept of Spookums.” – Everyone

A year long project undertaken by myself and Kevin Cole of SuperTry Studios to create the worst original characters humanly possible for some of our favorite franchises, TV shows, and fictional worlds! It’s over now but is downloadable to listen to on itch.io and available to listen at any time on Youtube!