Jeff Pennington is an illustrator, graphic designer, cartoonist and writer born and raised in the deepest hollows of West Virginia. He grew up very poor but is now slightly less poor since he decided to pursue a career as an artist instead of something sensible like a doctor or a plumber. He now lives and works in Bel Air, Maryland and is married to a very pretty lady named Krystal who still hasn’t figured out she’s out of his league.

Jeff had a childhood informed by the larger-than-life action and color of comic book superheroes and video game adventures (aka he was very unpopular in school.) The love of overblown heroic stories has carried on for him into adulthood and he never outgrew the comics and games he loves (aka he was very unpopular in the office setting.)


He attended Marshall University starting in 2010 and graduated with honors in 2013.
Since then he has been steadily working as a freelance artist while also taking on other jobs to expand his repertoire. Jobs such as: marketing coordinator, print production operator, assistant graphic designer, director of marketing, lead graphic designer and more, with tons of experience in many fields related to art and skills gained through all.

With all of this experience under his belt, Jeff has gone full freelance as of 2017 and has focused almost entirely upon commission illustration, comic book creation, album art, and whatever other illustration work would possibly come his way. He’s a heck of a lot happier without a 9 to 5 hanging over his head but he does wonder if it’s healthy to spend so much time in pajamas as an adult.

Through everything, all Jeff has truly wanted is to make people happy with his art. Sappy, but true.

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