INKSBURG! – My New Webcomic

As always it’s been an age since I updated the blog on this site but it’s only really for special occasions. And this is the special-est I could think of!

You see, I spent the past decade believing with all my heart that I was meant to make a webcomic. I had several false starts, including Non-Canon which went on for several months, but they all fizzled out or failed to appear on the tubes for consuming. What was my problem? Well, it was all in the self-confidence level, or my lack thereof. No matter how much work I put into an idea it never felt like it was ready. No matter how much effort and time went into the webcomic that I knew in my heart of hearts was my destiny it looked too poor quality for my taste and got dumped into the trash bin of either my computer or my brain, never to be heard from again.

Well I got pretty tired of this after 10 years.

So say hello to INKSBURG – a comic creation made of equal parts Looney Tunes and noir detective fiction. It’s Bob Clampett meets Raymond Chandler and I couldn’t be more excited for you to read it!

Inksburg follows the cases of Hardy Hare, a private eye with a real voracious hunger for both justice and leafy greens. The only thing Hardy has more confidence in than the rule of law is himself, and he’s ready to make sure everybody around him knows it! His confidence might out-stripe his skill level but he always gets his man — even if it might be by complete accident at the end of the day.

But that’s not all! There’s a cast of lovable characters that might receive the spotlight just as much between Hardy mysteries like Topsy Turtle, a con-man without a plan who wants to be a bigshot in the criminal world but probably doesn’t have the shell for it. Or Miss Kitty, Hardy’s secretary who hates her job with the only passion she can muster but is so overqualified she can’t get a job anywhere else. Her skillset puts her coworkers to shame and she ain’t shy about letting them know.

So at the end of the day, what really changed between all those failed ideas and this one? Probably not as much as you would think. Eventually you just have to take the plunge and hope for the best, regardless of your fears and reservations over if you’re ready or not. Cause if you keep questioning yourself so fervently you’re never going to feel ready.

My advice to anyone out there who’s waiting to start your big project – be it a comic, a game, a script, a book, a movie, a Youtube channel, whatever! – just do it. Nike wasn’t so full of shit as we once thought with that tagline. There’s a lot of wisdom in it. And marketable shoes.

So please check out my new webcomic and I’ll be back in another thawing age of the Earth to update you on how things are going!

– Jeff

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