The Freelancer’s Folly

I‘ve been freelancing full time for seven months at this point and things have been progressing well even with bumps in the road here and there. I’ve done some great art for some excellent clients and some way or another I’ve made the rent every month; I’ve got nothing to complain about on that end.

However, recently I’ve been dealing with a lot of people contending that what I do isn’t a real job, isn’t worth as much to society as what the next person does, and it’s frustrating that this outdated, outmoded viewpoint on artists still exists in today’s world. While I was working for my previous jobs, going in nine-to-five and running the ratrace with a nice title like “Marketing Director” it was much easier for people to think what I did was a real job for adults but now that I’m on my own, hustling and working a hundred times harder to reach the same level of success without a cushy office title to fall back on it’s entirely different.

This is something that all artists deal with in one way or another. Sometimes their friends, sometimes their families, and more often than not prospective clients all take their turns taking potshots at the validity of their career choice and it can definitely take the wind out of your sails. Hell, I thought that I’d heard the last of this when I was in college from friends I had back in high school but it still rears it’s ugly head from time to time.

At the end of the day though, as someone on Twitter pointed out to me (shout outs to Dude2o!) this is born of an inherent jealousy. Turns out maybe your mom was right about all those other kids just being jealous – our career field has flexible work hours, self-motivated upward trajectory and to top it all off JOB SATISFACTION! That’s what’s missing in most peoples nine-to-five and that’s what sets people off on their insular little journey to sink your dreamboat.

We’re all just trying to keep a roof over our heads and the lights on. There’s no motivation to throw stones at one another that goes beyond the petty. The plumber, the gas station attendant, the artist, the lawyer, the doctor, the football playing king in space – without each and every one of these jobs and millions of others our society would be missing one of the key components that keep us all running the aforementioned ratrace. What we really should be doing is appreciating the hard work that goes into every job and the passion of the people behind them regardless of if it’s glamorous or if it’s a standard nine-to-five. We’d all be a lot happier in our own lane if we weren’t always trying to sabotage the next one.

I just thought I’d post these thoughts along with a nice collection of newer art pieces here to let you know that I’m still on my journey toward becoming an artist worth his salt and that there’s still some cool stuff coming from my janky old brain in the meantime. I’ll be back in half a year with another blog!

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