Comics, Commissions and Commiserations

With anything an artist sets out to do there’s going to be roadblocks. My main roadblock is my 9 to 5, which has little to do with art but thankfully has something to do with it or I’d have long since been living out of a knapsack and riding the rails with my fellow early 1900’s stereotypical hobos. 9 to 5 jobs are great for stable income but not so good for following your dreams.

I’ll include a couple of the pieces I’ve done at my day job without the logos here for posterity. Aaaanyway – I’m hoping to actually buckle down and do some comics from time to time amidst my commissioned work (which will be open for purchasing new pieces very soon) and my work-work. These will (hopefully) range from really simple gags to something more story-heavy and ongoing but we’ll see how that goes. I’ve been playing a lot of Mario Odyssey recently and this comic is the first to come plopping out of my brain afterwards:

Why isn’t Luigi in Super Mario Odyssey anyway?

I’m looking to put more effort into my future comics, gag or otherwise, since this one was made during my breaks at work over a day – about 45 minutes of work total from beginning to end.

Speaking of commissions! Keep your eyes peeled on my Twitter for the initial announcement and then following suit I’ll post a blog here with that info. Prices will be a little higher than last time due to the increase in demand and the fact I found out I was gettin’ kinda shafted but they won’t be changed much at all. Like always, I can draw whatever you want and I guarantee I’ll get it back to you ready to go within a week. This time I’ll even have an expanded list of the type of things I can do for you – which is exciting right?

Just contact me via e-mail at or on twitter @_JeffPennington and we can discuss what you want, pricing, and the whole nine yards for commission work. I’m also available for ongoing projects, large workloads and contract work! Those prices will certainly be different than commissions, so shout at me.

As always, this blog will make me look like a giant ass in a month’s time, but these are my plans and I’m excited for them! I’ll also be doing a pretty huge revamp of my portfolio on this site in the coming weeks so please keep an eye on it. All of this work that’s currently being displayed is actually quite old so I’ve gotten a lot better since this. I hope.

Thanks for reading this very important update and give me your money for my art please, thank you.

Also tune in to M-Class Podcast, which is still going strong!


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